Sunday, April 5, 2020

04.05.20 Nice to help this little guy out....

     Best part of the days story was t the end so I'll start there. After fishing the end of the outgoing and about two hours into the incoming I figured I'd check what the guys were doing in Trenton. Wasn't very exciting to see, one guy of European decent has two shad on a stringer and asked me what the limit was. He says he soaks them in salt for two weeks, then vinegar for two weeks then I don't even know what he said he did next, I asked him "Boil them in gasoline?" He laughed. 

     There were two. nice guys doing so thing I wasn't sure what. They had sabiki rigs on weighted on the terminal end and hoisting in into the channel. Looked like something they used to use of herring. Anyway, he comes tight on a good fish and after about 10-12 minutes it surfacing below where he was. Luckily I had my waders still on and he was able to bring it upstream and around to me so I could undo the snagged sabiki rigs from the shark and leather like skin. 

     The short nosed sturgeon has been on the federal endangered list since 1973 and the Delaware River between Philly and Trenton are one of its favorite places. They hang between Roebling and Trenton December to March and then move below to the rapids between Trenton and Scudders Falls to spawn. Spawning occurs March to May and in 13 days the babies are born. They then move downstream to The City of Brotherly Love and move up and down with the tides. 

      These fish are endangered so much care to them is needed if you catch you by accident. Get them in the water as soon as possible. After getting the rigs out and the line clear it went back in and swam away powerfully.    

     Today I busted out the 13'6 spey rod. I am not Andrew Mom from Tightlines that's for sure. I would say maybe 20% of casts were good. That's okay, there were no bass around to catch or scare. I was talking to a guy who he fished with last night and he said two 30 pounders were caught.....creeping while you're sleeping must get in done out here as well. 

      Today I moved upriver neat the Calhoun Street Bridge and found nice water but no takers. I went down to the 9 for rod but still found the branches on the backcast. Fly looked good, water looked fishy, water temps over 50, hitting 52.....just not today for me. 

       Besides a load of crap that is along both shores of the Delaware River today I found my first COVID-19 remembrance while out......