Friday, September 1, 2017

09.01.17 What a difference a week makes....

     After a week of a good blow with NE and NW winds the results are easy top see if you frequent the beach. Gone are the north side pockets as the sand has been pulled of the beach leading to a long sloping beach scarp. The only good is that weather and the sand movement has created a nice trough that can be fished easily as I did after a quick stop after work. No birds, no bait, no signs of fish. Maybe the quiet before the fishing storm?

     After the problems with the cork on my Clearwater 9-10 I sent that back to Orvis and they of course backed it up. I really like the Clearwater rods, perfect entry rod for the beginner or freshwater transplant. I'll soon have the Orvis Hydros SL which I think would match up nicely with this rod. More to follow.