Wednesday, September 13, 2017

09.13.17 Stopped by the bay for a bit.....

     Got out of work early as luckily the census in the unit continues to remain low. First week of school for kids is usually and super stressor and opens up the flood gates at work, but not this fall. I stopped by the bay and the table is set for the upcoming weeks. I had emptied my Orvis Sling Pack and only had the fly I had tied on from yesterday. I didn't get a hit as I am sure the tiny blues, and I'd bet occasional bass, are keyed into the peanuts. I wish I had a Banger on me to get them biting.

     I love when Facebook brings up memories, and today when I looked there was a picture from today six years ago. My man Al, just north of Phillips Ave, when the pier still stood. Many good memories there, and with him. I miss seeing his car in the morning, I miss trading stories, I miss fishing near him, hell, I just miss him. We're hoping to get out for one good last day this fall. I am hoping when the bass find the bait in the bay we can reconnect. 

     And although I don't want to go there, this popped up on my Facebook page from Block island. High teens, 20's and 30's. I know, each guy on the boat kept one. I just have to shake my head.