Wednesday, September 20, 2017

09.20.17 Imagine is this was allowed in New Jersey?????

     While in Newport this past weekend I spent some time surfing Craigslist on my iPad. I typed in "striped bass" looking to find any fly fishing or cool books, paintings or mounts that might be on sale. I was shocked to find an add for a couple of striped bass for sale. I thought it was a joke, but then remembered Massachusetts has some kind of crazy private/commercial fishery for striped bass. I guess with a permit and on certain days regular old folks can enjoy the sport and make a few bucks. Imagine if every boat owner in the New York/ New Jersey area wants to cover costs or just make a few bucks while hobbying? 

     Somehow, somewhere, people are actually defending this practice. I guess I have a lot to learn about what happens with the fishery in other states. Between this, and seeing what's happening in New England with striped bass, like in The Canal and around Block, my hopeful move to Newport is going to be an eye opener and a gut wrencher. 

     As far as Jersey. I always enjoy rushing out the day after coming back from striper fishing somewhere else for a few days. Monday was no change. I got down with an hour left before high and two days before Hurricane Jose. It was basically un-fly rod fishable, at least with any effectiveness. I gave it a go on the south side of a few groins and dm near lost my life getting pushed down into the sand as the water rushed down the scarp and turned me sideways. 

     I wonder what things will look like after Jose, and then Maria. Might have kiboshed any kind of mullet run this fall. There's lots of bait in he bays and rivers and that will be making it's way out later this fall.