Sunday, September 10, 2017

09.08-09.10.17 Maybe things are starting to get better......

     Went down before work on Friday to see if the mullet has started to move after the moon. Had about 45 minutes to look and blind cast before heading to the hospital. Nice conditions on the incoming but no birds or bait to be found.

     Didn't fish on Saturday as the American Psychiatric Nurses Association was holding their fall conference in Woodbridge. I stopped by the bay on the way home only to find dead low conditions without any signs of life.

     And today I stayed in and enjoyed the morning with my lovely wife before getting into week one homework for Diagnosis and Treatment of Psychopathology. Luckily almost of all my remaining classes are psych specific and include several hundred clinical hours each semester. As far as fishing, I should have went as Lief started off the fall after a lull with a bunch of fluke and several bass. They hit his "Big-Eyed-Fly" which is basically a Clouser with huge eyes and very sparse bucktail. I call it ugly, but the fish must cal it breakfast. 

Leif Petersen photo

Lief Petersen photo