Thursday, September 14, 2017

09.14.17 Quick 100 casts before work......

     I can't wait until we put the clocks back. Getting up at 5 and to the water by 530 am gives me about 45 minutes to fish with 20 minutes of light. Threw the black Snake Fly and then a popper on the outgoing this morning. By 615 I was stripping down to change into my scrubs for work, sweaty from the humid early morning air.

     That was my last go until next week when I know the mullet will be on the move and on the beach, well at least I am hoping. Hopefully the albies will be in just a little thicker than they are now. I'm looking forward to a few good back-to-back days either on the beach or the boat. Thanks to my friend Joe who snapped this pic the other day while we were looking for albie blow-ups. We're heading to Newport this weekend. I'm in need of a change of scenery and some R & R before the fall semester and run go into full swing. I'll have a rod, but only to stop if I see something going down.