Wednesday, September 6, 2017

09.06.17 Figures.....

     Fluke ended yesterday, September 5th. The only fish I caught today after doing an early morning and evening hunt was the one above. This morning was fishy as the snappers were out and so was the tiny bait and maybe mackerel or mullet. Thinking more mackerel as they were leaving the water in the pockets not the tell-tale v-wake of a pod of mullet.

    This evening before the rain on the incoming was relatively calm and without a sign of any bait, birds, or hungry fish. I have to check some old blog posts from last year and see when the bay started to heat up, at least fish wise. We need the first push of fish to show out front, one to keep the interest, and two to keep the interest. It's getting tough going without any results. Looks like the remnants of Hurricane Harvey are showing here now and soon Irma, whatever she will be, will be hitting Puerto Rico and then Florida this weekend. Last year this week we had Hurricane Hermine, which didn't hit us all that hard.

I hope Irma is more Category 5 hype than she will actually be- although it isn't looking that way. For all the readers who live south, or have family or friends south, know we're praying for it to be over sooner than later.