Sunday, February 23, 2014

02.23.14 Beautiful spring day....why not......

     There's nothing like a good talk or a good show to get you ramped up to get out and fish. Couple that with a mid 40 degree day and a nice warming sun and it made getting the gear back out that much easier.
     Hit the beach at the end of the flood tide and worked the groin from the beach till the end. Tied on a mole crab fly and gave that a shot until I donated it to the sea when I got caught on the rocks. I was a little bummed as I liked that fly and hadn't caught a fish on it yet. I tied on a small Deceiver and finished up with that without a bump. Only saw one other angler out that only lasted about twenty minutes.

    These quick winterish outings are bitter sweet, you enjoy them while you're out there, but long for better more consistent weather and a better chance of casting to hungry fish.