Saturday, February 22, 2014

02.22.14 Great day at Surf Day......

     Well, fly fishing was "in da' house" at the Jersey Surfcasters Surf Day held at Brookdale College. First thanks to Mark Mead and the JSC for inviting fly fishing and me to the party. From what I heard it was the most successful Surf Day to date. 

     The doors opened at 830 and there was a rush, not to my booth, but to the D-Mag table where he was sold out in no time. Of course there was a mad rush in the beginning with most attendees and 

anglers looking for good deals on plugs, lures and rods. I had my own share of the plug craze going on, I had a lot of old plugs, 113 of them, up for sale with a $100 price tag. Since I know nothing about plugs I likened it to a person who has a box of old Lionel trains. They might be worth something, but only a person in the know would know. I had a lot of lookers, and even some beggars asking me to break the lot up, but I held my ground.
     At one point a serious old plug collector came and looked, and left without an offer. John Bushell from Betty and Nicks was at the table next to me and shared in the joke of my plug lot. He said after the guy looked and left, "If he didn't buy them no one will."

      At a point a guy came and really looked through the box, he liked what he saw. His friend next to him said the old Plano plug box was the same as the first one he ever had, perfect! I knew the sale was in the bag. Then he left......but came back later.....with an offer. He said he had $54 dollars left and that's what he could give me......SOLD !!!!

    I met a lot of nice people that are interested in or currently fly fish. I want to thank them and hope to fish with them this year on the beach or the boat. For a plug/surfcaster show I was surprised how much fly fishing love there was. 


     At 1 o'clock I gave a seminar on "Fly Fishing the Jersey Shore" to a great group of about 25 people. 
I think I did them right, although I might have got into the current status of our beaches and beach replenishment a little too deep. I also look to hear from and maybe one day fish with them. Again, I want to thank them for sitting in, which was nice because Bill Wetzel had a good crowd in the room next door. I would also like to thank Leif who fishes the same waters as I do and keeps me stocked with a nice selection of flies for the fresh and the saltwater. I gave him a hat, its the least I could do, since he is pictured on my flier. In the end, he gave the hat to a boy who sat in on my seminar with his dad, which was a great combo to have to talk to. Below if a picture of Leif enjoying the early morning fall sunrise. 

More pics from the show.....