Saturday, February 15, 2014

02.15.14 Looks like I'll be starting anew on many fronts come spring.....

      You know how sometimes when it rains it pours? Well, lately I'm getting drenched. Hey, I'm healthy and my family is healthy, to put in all in perspective, so many people out there don't have that. I also try and "not sweat the small stuff" but all these "little" things are adding up.

     My truck went kaput but lucky I found an equal year and mileage truck to replace it, my Subaru needs a new engine but I am crawling around with her before it goes, my boat is in the shop getting purtied up for the spring, and a month ago I put my real work cameras in the Canon shop for a lens repair. The bodies were left so they could calibrate the lens to the body. Two weeks ago I got the call that both camera bodies had " salt corrosion" damage from the hot shoe (where the flash attaches) down into the camera bodies. I knew something was up as I was getting a special code in one when I would shoot with it and it would lock, they needed to be fixed also.

     The lens reapir was $480 dollars and the two bodies came to $620 dollars...for a grand total of $1,100 actually $1,123.67 to be exact. But, these are work cameras and I make money with them, as I do my truck, and my boat, but still, these expenses, all at once, just suck. It's great to have write-offs, as long as there is money to write the expenses off on, and this is the slow season.

     I have got so used to shooting with my Canon G12 that when I get an assignment or chance to throw my two bodies around my shoulders at once its feels good. Even though the photo industry has changed so much for me (die hard news photographer) I still enjoy shooting and getting paid for it. Its especially difficult in todays world with so many "photographers" out there and so many "photographers" willing to work or license their images for pennies, photo credit, or nothing at all. 

     So, outside of a steady stream of decent paying clients in some magazines and newspapers, it would be hard to make a decent buck at photography as a full time job. I am soon going to be selling my images as prints and will have an online marketplace where people can search, browse, choose and purchase images. I will also be very careful this spring when out on the beach or up in the river photographing the scenes and clients as we fish. I have to say that even though this blog is a ton of work I enjoy recalling the days events and sharing them with people that read this everyday. 

From 2011 - Photo by Rob Yaskovic