Sunday, February 2, 2014

02.02.14 Just a little different from last years Super Bowl Sunday.......

     It was on last years Super Bowl Sunday that I caught my last bass for winter 2013. I wouldn't catch another until April 16th. Funny how things change year to year.

     On last years Super Bowl Sunday we woke up to cooler temperatures than the 38 degrees we had today, and there was an inch of snow on the ground. Not to worry, my kids school already called and said they might cancel school tomorrow, because we might get snow overnight.

2013's Super Bowl Sunday bass
     For the last bass of last winter (above) it was micro bass on the fly. Today I went down and fished again, maybe hoping to catch a fish, or not. Either way it was a neat but erie sunrise as the sun tried to burn through the dense fog. It was a few hours till the full flood tide so I ventured out to the end of the rocks, but didn't get a bite. It was just nice to have these two days of "warm" weather to get out and wet a line. From what I hear winter will arrive yet again tonight and stay around for a while.