Sunday, January 23, 2011

01.22.11 Had a nice chat with author Tom Gilmore and photographer Jim Levinson at the Fly Fishing Show

     While at the Fly Fishing Show in Somerset I got a chance to talk with author Tom Gilmore for a while. I first met Tom here a few years back after his book, "Tuna On the Fly", came out, followed by "False Albacore". Well a few weeks back his current book, "Flyfisher's Guide to the Big Apple" was released. Tom told me it's a must have for any of us who live in the tri-state area, and a little beyond. He covers little known wild trout streams in our area and up through Connecticut into Rhode Island. Tom lives and works in New Jersey and targets both fresh and salt water. I asked Tom if he was worried that guys would be bothered by putting out a book giving more "secret" waters and access locations. Tom said that this book is so full of information that it shouldn't be a problem because it spreads out the anglers over waters 150 miles from New York. It should be a fun read and even more fun finding these new waters.
     I was also happy to see a photographer display his works at the show. Jim Levinson is based out of Long Island and is both a guide and photographer. At the show he had HUGE prints for sale of stripers and striper action out and around Montauk, New York. We had fun discussing our "industry" or what's left of it. If you ever wanted a fantastic large print of some super cool striper blitzes for your restaurant, office, shop, or lodge- these would fit perfect. You can check out Jim's website at . He's also available for charters for stripers, blues, and albies.

   Well today things wrap up in Somerset, another Fly Fishing Show here and soon gone. It moves to North Carolina at the end of the month, then California during February and then finishes up here in Philly  in early March.

     This has nothing to do with fly fishing, but today is the AFC Championship Game between the New York Jets and the Pittsburgh Steelers. It should be a good one. I am not a hard core sports fan, and actually prefer to listen to sports talk radio, (WFAN), and listening to the games on the radio then actually watching them. I do have my favorites, Nets, Jets and Me.., well Red Sox. But here is my prediction for today, even though I hope the Jets win!

End of first quarter   Steelers 14-0
End of the half         Steelers  14-3
End of third quarter  Steelers  21-10
Final                         Steelers  27- 13

                                                       J-E-T-S, JETS, JETS, JETS !!