Friday, January 14, 2011

01.14.11 Just got out....then called back to the office

     I was up early this morning trying to manage images that were left on my desktop and make to switch over to new hard drives for the new year. After a few hours I decided to take a quick drive over to the closet river that holds trout near my home. That would be the Manasquan River, the first river I ever fished for trout on over twenty five years ago. Last winter I made a few trips back and had a blast catching some nice fish and remembering all that is good and not so good about this river. Even thought it was just over degrees out, I made the 15 minute trip to Allaire State Park. Most of the access roads had not been plowed after our two latest storms, so I checked out an access point at the bridge on Preventorium Road in Howell. Just as I got ready to make a move into the river, my phone rang. I needed to get back to the office and my computer for work. I have to say I didn't have high expectations for fishing that day, but it would have been nice to wet a line for awhile and make some more images.