Wednesday, January 19, 2011

01.19.10 Here's why my neighbor hates me

      If you have kids, especially several, you know what it's like when one of those illnesses makes it's way into your home. Well I have four at home, 5, 12, and two 14 year olds. Last week the five year old started off this years family sick run. Then I got it, worst stomach pain I've had in my entire life, and all the ups and outs that goes with it. Today my two boys are home. Hopefully my other daughter and wife will be spared. So today is my first day up and at 'um, even first day back online.
     Down the Jersey shore here we are up to 47 degrees and the town plows are pushing all the snow back a couple of more feet. I got my shovel out and cut down some of the larger icebergs the plow moved around. I made my way towards the back of my house and and took a look at my driftboat. Aaahhh, my driftboat. It's maiden voyage down the west Branch was last year, and more of that to follow this year. I brought it down here from the house in Roscoe to get her painted and lettered, and all ready for this year. One thing you learn as you begin a career in guiding is that it's a business, and with any business, there's business to take care of. I may be missing something, but here's a short list if you want to guide on the Delaware;

- valid NY State Fishing License
- valid CPR card
- valid First Aid card
- valid Boat Safety Course Certificate
-  registered drift or pontoon boat
-  liability insurance
- valid NYS Fishing Guide License
- valid PA fishing license
- valid PA Fishing Guide License
- valid National Parks Service CUA (Commercial Use Authorization)

just to name a few things. So, these are the months that I have to take care of those things to be buttoned up for this upcoming season. Luckily I have the house in Roscoe so I don't have to back and forth the boat each trip, between the Titanic (ie. my new truck), and the boat and trailer, it would cost me 1,000 dollars round trip in gas.
      So, why does my neighbor hate me, well, I don't think he hates me, but people who aren't used to looking at drift boats can't like to see them in their side yards. I told him in the fall I would be removing the two man pontoon boat from the same spot, only a week later replacing it with this one.