Saturday, January 22, 2011

01.22.11 Day 2 at The Fly Fishing Show

                                          Joe "D" and "Coz" during "So you want to be a guide?' 

     Day 2 started off, well, just plain witches tit cold. Out JSTU booth was directly opposite the entrance door and we paid for it every time someone came or left, which was all day. I had another good day, and enjoyed several lectures. The best for me was Joe Demalderis and Jim Costolnick's " So you want to be a guide?" It was a laid back one hour Q & A with the guys from Cross Current Guide Service based in Hancock, NY. It was a good hour filled with good advice and tips. My other favorite was Ben Rinker's - Fishing the East Branch- Jewel of the Delaware. Ben presented a nice overview of the river and some of the reasons why the "jewel" is underfished. He has recently started East Branch Outfitters,, with his wife.  I also sat in on Shell E. Caris, from Shore Catch Guide Service,  "Fly Fishing NJ jetties and beaches". Again, picked up some good info for the coming year. I stuck my head in on Jim Valle's FFF casting instructor workshop and class. I will be picking back up with him polishing up my casting and plan on testing for FFF CI this year.

Tomorrow things will wrap up, I'm not sure if I'll be going back for a third day. But hopefully it was a good year for the Chuck and his crew and all the vendors, guides, outfitters and folks attending this years show.