Wednesday, October 5, 2022

10.05.22 How do they do that?....

     Theresa and I wandered around Costco last weekend. Rain from Hurricane Ian had everyone trapped inside any place they could stay warm and dry and Costco was high on the list. While walking around I saw a stack of the above Orvis shirts offered for $11.99. Where can you get a cool Orvis shirt expertly made in Bangladesh for $11.99? Right here. After grabbing a trio of shirts in 

different colors and patterns I looked around and found more Orvis merchandise for slae in both the mens and womens lines. When I got home I looked the shirt up and it originally retailed for $89.00, and are now offered at a $51 discount for $37.38. How can Orvis do that and still make money?

      What it tells me is the shirt is no where close to cost $89 to make. The prfit margin must be like 80% and the costs of doing business overseas much be dirt cheap compared to having it made in the USA. Cheap labor, no unions or worker protections, and mass production with obviously a ton of over production that allows places like Costco to buy the surplus bulk and then blow it out. Costco has become my first stop when clothes shopping, especially for Orvis brand products. 

    And just as a current event time stamp, Aaron Judge from the New York Yankees broke Roger Maris's single season home run record last night hitting his 62 home run vs the Texas Rangers.