Tuesday, November 23, 2021

11.24.21 The quiver is loaded for tomorrow....

     After a long hiatus from the beach and boat its go time. Been juggling a lot of work around the house, and around the clock, and shots at work at the office and now its time for me to enjoy some fishing. Today it was cold, bitter cold to my aging bones, and windy, NW to 30 mph. Tomorrow the forecast is better, still NW, down to 10-15, and air temps in the mid 40's by noon. 

     There has been good reports as everyone knows, first a big fish push, followed by the next years classes of bigger slot fish with some schoolies mixed in. First thee was big bunker, and now the peanuts and smaller white bait is being flushed out with the cold and these days following the full moon. Hopefully tomorrow will be good. It will also be bittersweet, as I had extended an invite to a very special person. Remember this post, as I will be writing about it in the future.