Friday, November 5, 2021

11.05.21 Bad weekend to be a bass in New Jersey...

    If you are old like me you remember reading the newspaper and seeing the warnings that the cops would be having a DWI checkpoint on your local roads sometime in the near future. I don't know if it'd the law to publish that, but it was a stern warning. Drink and drive and ride said road and you will get caught. Well this blog isn't a newspaper and I'm sure the bass don't read it, but I'll throw this out there, if you're a bass then head for the three mile line TONIGHT! 

     Like I said yesterday, what we need are the peanuts to make their way down there beach. Well they have, from the Hook to IBSP, and its game on when the bass get a whiff of them and crash the beach. I'll post thud report and pictures from Leif who found the bait, birds and bass on the beach. There's a mix of schoolies and big bass, its just a matter of being in the right place at the right time. You need the time, a set of binoculars, a car or truck, and some good old luck. 

     The solitude you enjoyed this week on your local beach either at O-dark-thirty or during the light hours will be gone this weekend. The words out and so are the anglers. If you're planning on hitting IBSP, then go now, for my prediction is it will be shut down by about 830, no more room at the inn there. You will see guys watching and waiting from north to south along the walls, parking lots, and inlets, waiting for a sign the bass are about to push and feed. 

     After work today my adventure took me to Ambler PA after I saw a Facebook Marketplace post about free kitchen cabinets, not a few, but the whole shebang. Solid oak, lowers and uppers and all the bells and whistles. This town took a beating from Hurricane Ida. The homeowner had them removed to reuse, but the insurance company decided to just cover the cost of new ones so it was first come first serve, and I was first. Has to be at least $10,000 in cabinets. They will be sanded and painted and installed in our kitchen which has been under renovation for far too long. 

     And a big Happy Birthday, 25, to my daughter Juliet. Couldn't be more proud of her and I am glad to have the privilege and honor of being her second Dad after the far too early passing of her Father years ago. While I am glad to see all the kids all growned up I do miss those days when they needed me a bit more. If they only knew how important time together is, and, us old folks may have some good insight and knowledge and experience we could gladly pass along. 

I'm sitting this weekend out and will be back at it Tuesday, hopefully all the bass' lips won't still hurt.