Monday, November 8, 2021

11.08.21 All ready and can't wait...

     Things looking real good for tomorrow. Wind switched and is now west to a max of 13. Incoming tide. Still fish around although I think that second, the first real push of big fish, has taken that big swing away from the NY Bight and have landed in Ocean County, and are hitting the beaches down there. 

     Took the ride to Pottstown PA and to the local WaWa there to get some nice and engine-easy ethanol free fuel for the boat. The reason I drive an hour west for that gas? What I am told is that my older HPDI engine is fish, and has a lot of small injectors and parts and anything you can do,

like running pure fuel is the best thing for it. I'm sold on that not knowing much of anything when is has to do with mechanics and engines and the like, so I'll take that drive. Next time out I'm going to fill every gas can I have since I feel there will be still be fishing into December, if the sand eels and herring show. I can't afford a major breakdown or to reposer the boat, which would probably be around $16,000

     While out there I stopped by Laura's for a quick visit and while there I asked if I could grab some of Jim's bigger flies. I grabbed a trio, two pictured, and it will be nice to land some fish on his ties, with a Pulse Disc leading it of course. Fingers crossed for an easy start up and go tomorrow. I have a good feeling.