Monday, May 25, 2020

05.25.20 Nothing in the river for me but on the beach....

     Hit it just before high tide at 515am. Never saw so much bait in the water. Hitting the surface like it was almost rising fish to a hatch. Thinking it might be perch coming up for herring or shad fry? Not sure. Nothing on top but the fish were rising. Threw everything I had and had a swipe at a popper that broke off on a cast after hitting the concrete several times and wearing the flouro thin. 

     Tried a few different spots that looked real juicy but not a tap. Did find what I think they call a Redfin so that will add to my collection. There were a ton of boats and kayakers out most throwing topwater but I didn't see a fish caught. 

     Leif called to rub it in that he found a half dozen fish during an evening outing, including one keeper. I thought about making the trip to the beach this morning but I just don't have any confidence in any of the waters I call home. Bring on Marthas Vineyard! 19 days and counting.

Leif Petersen photo