Sunday, May 3, 2020

05.03.20 Big brown water....

     With the recent rain we've had a bump in the river. Usually I fish when it at an average of 15,000 cfs and today it was a high of 42,900 cfs. By the morning it should bar down around 38,000. Its not only the big water that's a problem its the chocolate milk and the trees that come down the river that will get you, just when you least expect it. 

      I tried picking the seams and tight to the banks but didnt get a touch. I remember last year dropping down to tiny flies and catching white peach and micro to schoolie bass. However, like the show "The Hunt for Big Fish", thats what I'm all about.

     Today I had to drop Juliet off and Erin and I took a ride from Ocean Grover down to Sea Girt. Lots of people out, beach, boardwalk, street. Some doing the right thing, some a little less. Most looked really happy to be out and about. Spring Lake wasn't playing and you were lucky to be able to drive through.

    Best part was getting to The Fishermans Den just before quitting time and getting a spool of Seaguar 30 pound fluoro. The next big Delaware River striper I catch I will be definelty touching her.

         And, on a side note, the chickens are cool so far.