Monday, May 11, 2020

05.11.20 Was a bad boy, but a happy one....

     Didn't have patients today and was supposed to be building our chicken coop. That's okay, its too cold for them to be outside overnight anyway. Thats said, Theresa was off and out of the house early for a home delivery. Coupes are hesitant to deliver in the hospital due to Covid-19 so she's been busy delivering babies at home. So since she was gone......gone fishing.

     I fished the drop, hard, for three plus hours. Moved good fish within he first dozen casts and nothing after. I jumped around, fell down, got wet but had a good time. But I was frustrated. 

     I came home, looked at the chicken coop in progress, left the chickens out to free range, and, well went back. This time I fished hard on the other side of the river, again frustrated. Wondering if the fish have moved out to sea. Thing is, over 60 degrees is spawning temperature, so they must still be here. With the rain and snow of the last few days the temps have dropped, but so has the river.

    Before I gave up I had to give something a try. So I jumped across the bridge and hit the wall. On my first or so casts I moved another good fish. I kept at it with the NWWN honking wind trying to get my fly out there. Backcast across three lanes of traffic and wind carrying my fly line down river, but it worked. Missed four and landed one on a Joe Pheifer fly....which I'll need a replacement soon as this one has taken a beating.

     This time I was able to lan the fish and release it into bigger water, although fro a distance, kind of like that jetty toss, only a bit higher. Of course tow of the fish that I saw eat were better fish, but I was lucky to get one. Wonder if Mommy will let me go before work tomorrow.