Sunday, May 10, 2020

05.10.20 Happy Mothers Day...

     What to do early Mothers Day morning? Hit the beach. The idea was to have a Ugly Ass Fly face off but conditions were, well, garbage. Blow out tide with a steady WSW wind that kept the water off the beach. Of course I couldn't compete with Leif's UAF but I tried. Yes, I caught the above fish one about my 6th cast, but its no test for the UAF. I just got lucky. 

     With the water staying out I made my way out to the tip of the groin. After that first fish I thought they would come in bunches. Had another take but that was it. Pulled out a Snake Fly that works well in the river but couldn't get any love on it.

     What was interesting was seeing the Sand Fleas out on the beach scarp in good numbers, so they should be your arsenal if you hit the beach. Its a great match the hatch fly. I tried a crab fly in some good looking water but didnt get a tap. Nice to be on the beach again.