Monday, May 18, 2020

05.18.20 Been trying but not catching.....


     I've been running down to the river, trying new spots and different tides. Still throwing bigger flies trying to catch a bigger fish. Water temp are now above 60 degrees which means the fish are getting their freak on. Maybe thats why they're not eating. Yeah thats it. Sounds like a good excuse. 

     This morning on my Facebook feed an image popped up from three years ago. It was Theresa on the sticks when we float the Main Stem. Good times, Good memories. Speaking of the Upper Delaware, New York opened up its waters to guided fishing this past weekend and from whatI hear its bumper boats up and down the river. Years ago a large percentage of drift boats were operated by 
guides alone, now everyone has one, or its a group share between a few anglers. 


     May 15th New Jersey opened up guided fishing in the salt for the charter and headboats. The striped bass got a good head start for spawning this year, in my opinion May 15th should be the date when striper season opens. It could be catch and release artificials only before then, that way the guys who take people fishing for money can still run trips. The meat guys won't dig it but it good for the bass. 

     And lastly and surprise surprise, my wife has a Marriott time share and you know what popped up as an extra availability? A condo in Vineyard Haven from June 13-20.....for $229!!! For the week! It cost me more to get over to the island with my truck. I can't wait. But, its not a fishing trip....Yeah!