Friday, March 27, 2020

03.27.20 This years poster children......

From the Delaware Bay we present the 'Reason Why Poster Children 2020"......

     Last years, or the year was the mate from the Capture Fleet sitting on a large pile of dead bass that represented everything that is wrong with striped bass fishing, and the reason why the striped bass is near obliteration. This years disgrace is from the Delaware Bay, and we thought things were bad in the Raritan Bay and Cape Cod Canal.......nope there's assholes south of us too.


     So JP's on the Wharf is located in Frederica in Delaware, just off the Delaware Bay. I wanted you to see where they are in relation to yesterdays striped bass migration map from On The Water Magazine. These are the fish that I am waiting for to come up to Trenton and spawn......well not anymore. What will come up to this neck of the woods is all the males they don't kill that will just wind up swimming around sexually frustrated because there's no females to get it on with. Remember its not a 1:1, several males surround and swim with the females to fertilize the eggs. 

     Why do they do it? Not the fish, but the crew from JP's?  Check out the menu. Blackened Rockfish, Rockfish Bites, and Rockfish if they were serving up shots of eggs then O might be able to see why its important to decimate the bay of pre spawn females, 20, 30 and 40 pound females. C'mon guys......for fish bites??????


    People have to make a living. People have to support their families.... But is there something wrong with this picture, one boat, one day, one bay.......It might be even worse than the Raritan Bay massacre that, well an unlikely bass ally the year with c19, hasn't occurred yet, but will soon....believe you me. This is not the photo you want out and about on social media. Because, you just might be that poster child for something that is very, very wrong. 

     So now I know why I didn't catch today near Trenton. Well, honestly its little early. Saw some guys catch some shad from the boat anchored up in the middle of the river. Just nice to get out and wet a line. Time to remember to bring the correct stripping basket for the holes! 

    Very sad to hear of the passing of Dave Brandt, legendary Castkill fly tier and angler. Great tyer, great author, gentlemen to spend time with, I wound up at the bar at The Fly Fishing Show with him one year and had a nice time surrounded by some of the other big guns in the fly fishing industry. RIP Dave- hope they're rising!