Saturday, March 21, 2020

03.21.20 First day out 2020.....

     Just needed to get out and give it a shot. N-NW wind ha things breezy and a tad chilly, Water temps fluctuating between 45-48 degrees. Caught one hour into the incoming. Got chased off the "Jetty" with the 9 foot flood tide. Lots of life, just no takers. Shad are moving. Cormorants are fishing. Water looks good, but a tad cold. A fishing fishing in from of me saw a nice striper roll on his plug which is a good sign. 

     if you want to fly fish from the Jersey side you better be careful going forward after you load your rod.....very easy to get hung up on the backcast and snap a rod. You can see in the picture above of how you have to adjust to where you are and make the best of it. Luckily that spot gave me about 30' of backcast in order to shoot some line out. 

     On the "out front" side Joe was out today and managed four micro bass in the afternoon. Good early reports from the rivers and Raritan Bay, both on bloodworms and on plugs also. It's great when you can catch it just right dead low about 10-11 AM, honest part of the day beating down on the mud flats, followed by a good flood tide lasting till evening. That's about a good as it gets. Just need the wind, the fish, the bait, and the other COVID-19-had-to-get-out-and-fish anglers to cooperate.

Joe Pheifer photo