Monday, March 23, 2020

03.23.20 Spring is here......

     Now thats more like it......"Rain, rain, rain.... Well let me just share what came to my head.....

     Believe it or not I really don't mind. Not much for winter and snow, so no melt to fill the rivers. Its been dry out there, at least from summer through now, hopefully we won't get the deluges we got last spring. The rain will bring the rivers up and flush out the system a little bit. After the rain the migratory fit will continue to make their way upriver, the shad are here, haven't seen any herring yet, and the stripers will follow. 

I'm glad to see President Trump sign an order to allow driving to go fishing "as essential travel"

     If you are bored out of gourd, or need a break while working from home, check out this podcast from The Saltwater Edge featuring Steve Culton, a fishing guide and instructor from Connecticut. 

Listen in HERE