Thursday, March 19, 2020

03.19.20 They have arrived in the Raritan Bay....

      There are anglers starting to venture out into the Raritan Bay for the spring run. The males arrive first followed by the fertile females. We are seeing water temps start to rise and pretty steady above 45 degrees to highs just above 50. In the Shrewsbury, Raritan and Navesink Rivers temperatures 

in the blackest of the back are probably running a little higher. Tides and the sun can bring warmer temps and get the bass looking up. I've heard of the bass being taken on the worm soak but also plugs. Birds are doing on herring which is one of the first signs we have started.

     Out near me the Delaware River is a little off. Not much for snow melt this year and we haven't yet had the typhoon rains we had last year. The river is calm and quiet and starting to warm up. The spring brings the herring and the shad up to spawn and the bass follow. again, males usually first followed by the breeder females. While I am in no way a Delaware River striper novice or expert from what I hear the go time water temperature is 52 degrees. There are other considerations as well, salinity, oxygen, ph, and turbidity. 

Hopefully soon it will be time to step away from the social distancing and start fishing in the fresh air.