Wednesday, March 25, 2020

03.25.20 Alright back to fishing.....

     I get these updates from On The Water magazine from time to time. They seem to fall in line just about every spring an fall. If you are in the hunt then you know this time of year where the bass are. They're more "out back" then "out front". The waters warm up more the further you go inland. Bass, no blues yet, are making their way to spawn, or stage before spawning, and will eat along the way, rooting in the mud for worms, or chasing bunker or herring for small white bait. 

Max Berry photo
      My buddy Max who is a river sniper landed his first keeper of the year on a plug this week. My other buddy, I guess I have some buddies, was out on his boat for early scout and found them as well. It's always a tough time of year for the surf rather than he boat angler. Access is always an issue, more so in the rivers than the bay. With the c19 restrictions in effect we don't know what will happen with enforcement of being out and about to fish. Here's a tip......don't park near anyone else. It looks like a crowd and someone will call and blow the whistle. That means if you have to walk, then do it, or you'll be back on the couch with the wife and kids sooner than later. 

     The above fish was taken from the Raritan on 3/24. The boats are either anchoring and chunking or using worms, or on the troll, with what I guess are called Stretch 25's?. The fly angles are finding them also, right tide, right time of day, and right weather.... Yesterday Jack and Hugh found some fish that we eager to munch on flies. 

Jack Denny photo
      It that time of year to go and make your own reports...time out fishing his time outdoors and getting fresh air does the mind and body good, especially now. Again, do yourself a favor, keep social distancing in practice. When this spring rainy and cold weather passes, maybe next week, anglers will be coming from everywhere, including mom New York, and hanging in the bigger parking lots along the Raritan Bay and standing in a line looking more like the Salmon River than social distancing. The local police, State Police and Fish and Game will surely break that up and, in my opinion, post those access points where early spring anglers tent to fish. 

The only good thing about this c19, in regards to fishing, its about as close to a moratorium as you can get. Fish and wildlife are returning to and thriving in places they were never comfortable. And remember, the new regulations go in effect April 1st, ONE FISH PER DAY! enjoy