Tuesday, March 10, 2020

03.10.2020 Are we losing our minds.....

    This blog has always been politics free. Yes I do mention current events from time to time and they may thrown in with the news fodder, but generally I don't care about Bernie, Biden, Hillary or Trump because, like in so many places in todays world, this is a safe place to take about your feelings, and more importantly fly fishing.

     Covid-19, aka coronavirus is real. If you get it and you immunocompromised you could become real sick, and even die. Chances are slim, but it does occur. Do your due diligence to protect yourself and others, just like you would do from the common cold or flu, which runs rampant, comes in many strains, and is only protected 10-+/- 30% depending on the vaccine you got, or, if you work in healthcare, were forced to get. 

    My problem on this isn't politics per se, but more with the media. The media is ruining our country. I haven't heard much about the border, the Russians, and anything else that was 24/7 news cycle barrage that has occurred year after year. And please, this isn't a current administration defense, or attack, it happened during the previous 8 year administration as well.

     I wish we could go back to the days when Walter Cronkite would bring us the news. Look it up on You Tube and watch. There is no slant, no panic, yes, tears, like when JFK was assinated, but he was real, and fair. 

     His approach and delivery would not have events being cancelled across the world. St Patricks Day parade in Boston? NCAA tournaments? My kids school, Red Bank Regional High School for "a one day cleaning"? Monmouth University? Princeton? Enough.....wash your hands, cough in the crook of your elbow, pass on the wine at church and offering a sign of peace, refrain from hand shaking....but otherwise breath deep and often. 

If its your time to go its time to go........