Sunday, March 22, 2020

03.22.20 Getting ready for some action....

     Not sure where the wife and I will wind up but coming soon It'll be somewhere else besides the office. We signed up for the COVID-19 testing site at the PNC Arts Center, seems like things are on hold until more testing kits become available before we get pressed into service. 

     Reached out to Trenton psychiatric Hospital to see if they need any psychiatric APN's to lessen the  workload. The Governor and New Jersey State Nurses Association have reached out to retired RN's in New Jersey to get them up and running agin. 

     This is just the first wave....its like a shortage on blood. They put out the call, the get a surge of responses, and then the new reality sets in and its a prolonged need. It's kind of like 9/11, everyone responded to Ground Zero, but people where needed for year sifting through the Staten Island landfill looking for remains.

     Don't panic. If it hasn't affected you yet, it will. And someone you know will get it. That's not a fatalist view, its the truth, Start preparing for the long haul.