Sunday, June 24, 2018

06.23.18 Bottom of the ninth, two outs, three-two count.....

     After waking up from a nap from the early outing I got a call that my Dad was in the hospital. I was scheduled to head home Sunday with a 7am ferry but re-sceduled it for Saturday at 520 out of Oak Bluffs. Monday is his birthday and we had planned to throw him a birthday party Sunday, but that was looking like it wasn't going to happen. 

     The guys were tying up some flies trying to replicate the fly Gerry had stayed them with the afternoon before. I packed up, showered up, did some kind of pitching it to clean up, and decided to give it one last go with Gerry and Steve at Dogfish. 

     It was incoming, windy, drizzly, but I was able to get one bass between cleaning off my fly from kelp and mung. I am glad I went, in fact every time I went this trip I was glad I did, catch or not.

     I took a mostly ferry back to the mainland getting ashore around 6 pm and pulling into Titusville at 1am. I hope the guys had a easy ride home, and better yet hope they caught after I left tomorrow afternoon.