Tuesday, June 19, 2018

06.19.18 Had to see over 100 bass....

     Just about perfect day on the Vineyard. The water was flat but did pick u[p which made sighting them hard in the big water with a ripply top. Out early on the start of the incoming but it didn't get going till the end of the flood tide when the fish, a lot of them, started to come on the flats looking to eat. Problem is.....what did they want. I saw clouds of micro sand eels and the occasional crab swim 

by but that was it. I threw the bag at them and was lucky enough to land 5, dropped a big that I had one on a for a bit, and the prize of the day was setting up open a sea robin in the shallows that ate. 
     Today I saw more fish than I have probably combined in the last six years, and there were some bruisers mixed in. I had more refusals then I can count. I tried sand eels flies, bunny flies in black and white, micro Semper Fi's, crab flies in various assortments, and then a few just plain old ugly flies. 

     One of the coolest things I saw today was watching big fish follow the hooked schoolies in, every time. Hopefully tomorrow is more of the same....just don't know what fly I'll tie up tonight for tomorrow.