Tuesday, June 5, 2018

06.05.18 Away way too long....

     Been a long time. Like everyone else busy with life. Doesn't mean for a minute I don't miss being on the water, fishing, and just enjoying the time and space away from the stressors of life. My last post was in February and a lot has happened along the way.

     Sold the house in Red Bank. Bought our dream home outside of Lambertville on the Delaware River, well not directly on, but across Route 29 and the Delaware & Raritan Canal and then the river. Got an apartment in Red Bank to keep the girls grounded in school. Work continues to be challenging and suck the life out of me. School, one more year, with no break this summer. The fall and 2019 spring semesters are difficult and loaded with clinical hours, hundreds of them. But this time next year, God willing, I will be a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner close to opening my own practice.

     The house is beautiful. An old Georgian Colonial built in 1928. Bigger than any house I have ever owned and we love every square foot of it. We went from a 35 by 80 foot lot to an acre and a half. We been challenged with water, lots of it, as the water table out west in high. Every time it rains I run out to make sure the basement isn't flooded. I bought an old Case tractor and after one mow the engine blew. We've been taking turns with our little 20" push mower and it has been a chore.

     Fishing, haven't done much of that. Got my drift boat back from Rinker's place and hope to float this section for some smallies with the girls. I missed the striper and shad action, just too busy. My Jones Brothers, which I thought about selling, is almost ready to launch. It's been delayed as funds are tight with the new house and apartment. I have snuck out a few times, regardless of the tides or time, and have only found the cutest of samples of striped bass. It has been a good spring for the bay, river and boat guys, things haven't kicked off in the surf just yet.

    Soon I will be making my way north for the annual Martha's Vineyard trip with the guys. I need it, especially after Ryan's passing and being pulled in so many directions. We leave on Father's Day, which won't be easy, but hopefully I can take the week to exhale and spend some time with friends and the water. I hope to stand in one spot for hours waiting for a bass to come down the beach, with high sun overhead and no wind front or back. 

     I miss the blog, miss my son, miss fishing, but life's book is a series of chapters, I just seem to write many at the same time.