Thursday, June 21, 2018

06.20.18 Day 4 A long and tough day.....

     I'll start from the midday 12-5 shift. Joe and Gerry dropped me off at the pond and I went in 3/4 of the way on the incoming. I set up my ladder where there were a plethora of fish passing by the day before and waited, and waited, and waited, and then waited. In between waiting I ate lunch and took a nap waiting for the drop of the tide. When I woke up the water was even higher. I can't figure out how high the tides are, and low, being one week off the full moon. 
     When it did finally drop I moved my ladder to where the bottom is sandy hoping to see some fish. In the end I saw about two dozen fish that were passing by, some stopped on my fly, one ate it, but didn't hook. 

     In the morning I joined Joe and Gerry for the crosstown ride to fish were the tide was better. Wind was up and I only saw two fish when I first walked in. Gerry had a few micros from the sedge bank. I went fishes and couldn't wait to get back to slay them in the afternoon, which you have already read I didn't. 

     So at 6 pm, dead tired, I contemplating taking a shower and joining the boys for dinner but I had visions of those bass rising on the outgoing tide. So I loaded up and headed for the long ride east. When I got there it looked different, no pretty sunrise, lots of wind, and waves coming into me. It was

a bust. I packed it in and took a ride to the drawbridge in Tisbury and it was well into the outgoing. I fish the pilings and then the wall leading out without a tap. Frustrated and tired I was done. As I way my way across the Big Bridge I looked back and saw a beautiful evening sunrise that I just had to 

take a photo of. I stopped by Lobsterville, for my last time, and didn't find any life. There's just no bait around, nor fish, at least there. Looks like it's rain and clouds in the morning, and of course some wind, so we'll see how it goes.