Tuesday, June 12, 2018

06.12.18 Spring is holding on.....

     This morning it was in the high 40's which seems a little chilly for this time of year. Coupled with the 6 feet of rain we've had it seems spring doesn't want to leave. I got out early this morning and joined Joe and Leif throwing flies into the bigger end of the incoming tide. Both connected but I did not. Mostly small fish less than 25 inches which has been the usual take the last few springs. We need the fish to stop running by and settle in for summer when the fall baits and crabs are the offerings to keep them around. Yesterday, Joe used a crab fly to grab this nice fish in the incoming slop.

     Leif continues to be the pool winner catching most on the flies below. While they may not make a fly tying book they are the biggest producers we've seen. You may say that a chartreuse over white Clouser (tied perfectly) would do the trick....forget it. I don't know if it's the big eyes are whatever but it kills them. I used one today.....and got nothing. Maybe Leif is just a good stick.

     On Sunday I'll join the boys, well almost all of them, up for a week on Martha's Vineyard hoping to stand in a spot for hours looking to sight fish for striped bass. It's my favorite way to fish for them. This is my, I think, 6th year and we haven't have a banner year yet. Usually bad weather and small fish, hopefully this year will be different. Either way it'll be a much needed mental health break from a tough year spent with some great guys. Looking below the weather doesn't look bad, just hope the wind lays down to nothing.