Monday, July 28, 2014

7.25- 28.14 Nice weekend up in the ADK's.....

     WOW!! We just cleared 250,000 hits on The Average Angler blog. Thanks for reading, and more importantly hiring me for your fly fishing instruction and walk and wade and boat trips needs! If you look back it is a real cool collection of almost daily posts through the last few years. 

     Got to get away and spend a little time with some of my family this weekend. My daughter Erin spent the better part of a week up in Saranac Lake with her aunt, uncle and 7 month old cousin. We left at 5 am on Friday and ...... I forgot the fly rods. Goes to show you where my head is. We were on their boat on Lower Saranac Lake on Friday and Saturday and did a little work, hung out, and ate and drank. 
I have to say its nice going to the North Country without having to check on or work on the houses in Ausable Forks. My life just seems like a collection of closed chapters.

     Back in the work world I'm finishing up an article for On the Water magazine which will run in September. It will be on the some of the projects that are going on currently at the Jersey Shore. Early this morning I spent some time casting a fly rod popper off of a groin. This one isn't scheduled to be modified, that means lowered, or notched. I find it hard to believe that in the end the US Army Corp won't modify it as most of the near beach end has been displaced from Sandy and storms since. I think no matter what we've been told, the plans and outcomes will be far different than we all anticipate.