Sunday, March 31, 2024

03.31.24 Only 24 hours after the post dropped...

     When I saw all the fire department participation down by the river I had a bad feeling. When I was on the job holiday weekends weren't the time to hold drills. Especially cold water ones. So it was really no surprise to me that the alarm was struck for a body in the water. This went down around 1 pm and I 

took the above picture at 137. Yesterday's post details this exact scenario after writing on the similar tragic situation that occurred in the Navesink River just a few days ago. At first I thought this was a body recovery but I'm learning, and hoping, things went the other way and the guy is safe. This guy might want to hit church today and say a prayer. And there's no better day then for him to hit it as it's 

Easter Sunday. It was today Jesus rose from the dead three days after being crucified. Enjoy the Easter Bunny, enjoy the candy, and the fam and kids...but don't forget what the day is really about, if you believe. It's kinda like that with Christmas Day as well, the true meaning has just gotten lost. 

     And speaking of being lost I almost lost a little skin when I missed this reptile under a fallen branch I was using to lower myself down on. While it looks menacing, and will leave a nasty bite, it's only a Nerodia sipedon sipedon, or Northern Water Snake. One thing is they ain't friendly so don't let the kids approach it like it's a Common Garter Snake. It'll leave a mark. 

     And on this Easter I have many things to be happy about. One little thing is I finally moved ahead of Jeff Currier on the Top 100 Fly Fishing Blog list. At the end of the day it really means nothing but I have been behind Jeff since I first saw this in 2018 and was rolling in at 45. My goal is to be in the top 

20 where that and $6 will get me a bacon, egg and cheese and a milk at Ben's Deli in Morrisville. 

     Enjoy the day, be blessed, be thankful and grateful. Today's weather is looking nice and then it becomes "April Showers bring May Flowers". And that's no April Fools joke.