Sunday, March 10, 2024

03.10.24 Well I pulled the trigger....

      Yep, I just had to do it. I started chewing away at the bottom of my Orvis Access 12 wt last year. First the butt was gone, then the rings started to fall off, and it was time to make a decision. After casting the Orvis Helios D at Princeton Orvis a few weeks back that was all she wrote. I fish too hard to not have some battle ready gear to use. I really don't get caught up with the latest and greatest when it comes to gear but it was time. I skipped over the Helios 3 line of rods and stuck with the H2's, Recon, Access, and Clearwater rods over the last seven years. As I upgrade over the next year I'll have suitable back-ups in the 10, 11 and 12 wts that I use consistently. 

     Today I'll put in a rod repair order with the Mother Ship in Vermont, I think that's where they do rod repairs, so I'll be ready if something happens to my new 12 wt. I took the new rod out for a test drive yesterday, and while I didn't get it for its accuracy, it did cast better for me than the Access. One thing I'll be doing is replacing the fly line for it. After casting the new Helios with the SA Sonar line I'm going to make that purchase as well. The problem is there are a ton of options and I'm not sure if one line will do it. Below is the line I casted and am thinking of going with. 

     That wasn't the only package that got delivered on Friday. I also received my Telesin selfie stick for my Go-Pro camera. I had an earlier version but Lauren donated her Hero 5 Black, like I know what that means, to my cause. I hope to shoot some video this year. The stick extends to 10 feet so I'll be able

to stick it down in the water, or behind some rocks, or into the troughs on the beach. I also got an iPhone camera mount to just change the perspective of the pictures I shoot. You know my history with things so hopefully this won't be another short-lived great idea that goes south. I guess the worst is I lose the camera so I'm trying to see if I can rig it so that doesn't happen. 

    I fished the last two days still waiting to turn a fish. While the winter was mild the current unsteady weather patterns has it holding on and not letting spring arrive. Lot's of rain and wind is keeping things 

slow, for me if they are even in front of me. They just aren't chasing flies yet. The Raritan dropped a few degrees down below 45 and the Delaware is holding just below 47. I am sure they are here and I 

think a run of warm days will break things wide open. I'm liking how things are looking going forward from Tuesday and we'll need a few days and tides to clean things up from this weekend. And today is 

one of the favorite days of the year for me as Daylight Savings Time kicks in. I swear this whole thing, spring ahead and fall behind, isn't good for my mental health and seasonal mood disorder(s). So if you

don't let your iPhone dictate your life, like I unfortunately do, then you'll have to go around and set your clocks ahead by an hour. And good luck setting the clock on your older car, that's always a fun time.