Thursday, March 14, 2024

03.14.24 Good to see the law out there....

     We're getting close. When I walked out of work yesterday the outside temps were in the 60's and after a drive around it bumped up to 70. Surely the fish would be awake. While the bump in temps and the hot sun beating down on the water is good, the recent rains and higher water kind of cancelled it out. That's at least for anglers throwing plugs, rubbers and flies. I heard the Raritan Bay bloodworm bite was good yesterday. I did a two-river tour and found the water still up and off color. On stop two I got a visit from a NJ DEP Conservation Officer doing a license check. It did take me a long minute to find it on my phone and he asked if next time I went out if I could have a hard copy on me and even better if it was displayed. 

     My morning commute started with listening to the Millhouse podcast with Bob Popovics. It was very good. Great audio. There is also a video side of the podcasts, which I just learned about, so you can see 

them as well. For me I listen as I am driving to work. So what did I think? It was very interesting. I know Bobby's story, because it has been told in print, video and audio before, and that was revisited for a short while, which was good for listeners who don't know it. Mill opened up with some history of IGFA and records and tippet, yet again, which is fine, because there is a connection between all that and the Saltwater Flyrodder's of America and Fred Schrier and Mark Sosin. But as you know if you are a listener Mill is all about all of that stuff, plus more on tournament fishing and tournament fishing wins. I felt Bob really wanted to spend the time, almost all of it if he could, talking about the history of saltwater fly rodding, which we all know really started in the Northeast. Popovic's opened up with it and went back at it in the end, but Andy directed his podcast where he wanted it to go and he wrapped it up as some more history of SWFROA was introduced. Popovic's, like most of the guests they have, sounded great, and the flow of the conversation is just really that good. I will surely have this one on my repeat list. 

      And when I got home my new SA line for the 12wt arrived in the mail. I'll switch it up today after working maybe will be able to christen it this weekend.