Friday, March 29, 2024

03.29.24 It only took nearly a month...

     Well it was worth the wait. Nice way to start off 2024. It only took 28 days. I finished up work late and didn't want to get struck in rush hour traffic so I stayed north. I had a gut feeling that today might be the day so I lugged the tank along for the walk. Luckily I took the 42 inch long tank with me. 

     This nice 34-35" bass, didn't measure it exactly, was a fine specimen and a great way to start off the spring season. My large Squimpish fly was too much to resist and I saw the take which was way up in the water column on the swing. Shortly after getting him/her back in the water and swimming I was good. One and done worked just fine. You wouldn't believe if I told you how good these tanks are for resting/reviving fish after being caught. They hang out, catch their breath, and then are ready to go. This one I got to hang out with for over five minutes. I can't see how this catch and release can compare to being albie-tossed head first back into the water from any kind of elevation, like from a boat.