Saturday, December 25, 2021

12.25.21 Merry Christmas!

      Christmas 2021.....another Covid Christmas. Thing different for sure, and may never be the same, as far I remember, again. We cancelled out pilgrimage out to Long Island for an annual hoot of a time at Theresa's brothers house, Lauren's flight yesterday to Florida was cancelled so they hoped in the hooptie and drove, Dad's in RWJ getting some plumbing work done and no visitors are allowed, and the kids are spread out around the tri-state area or beyond and aren't traveling. Hopefully some stragglers will show up for a day after Christmas feast at our house. 

     While Christmas when you are a kid and are young parents and have kids Christmas does become more about family and gift giving mores then the celebration of Jesus' birthday. The story of Christmas is cool, and I have always loved Nativity scenes, so much I think we have a dozen of them but only pout out one this Christmas. I do like those car plaques that say "Keep Christ in Christmas", even for a little bit if you're not of the faith. 

Merry Christmas to you and yours and Happy New Year!