Monday, December 6, 2021

12.05.21 End of the season is approaching if not here....

     Thought the above thing was funny so I wanted to share. Fat lady is definitely warming up, but it depends who you talk to. Boat guys still finding them, beach guys find them and very quickly a few are caught and they are gone. Hearing about some sand eels but I haven't seen them. The fish that re being caught, 20-26" are fat, not like football fat, but eating. 

     This morning the above memory popped up on Facebook, you can see that post HERE. It was from 10 years ago and I had fished ISBP. It was the year of legendary fishing, sand eels in and so were the guys in stupid numbers, so many they closed the park. I enjoy fishing IBSP from time to time and really enjoy driving the beach. I hope to do that again before the year end is up. Quit #2 is coming real soon, and this one may stick. 

     And just for fun yesterday between drying coats of paint on my house I ran down to the Delaware to see if I could tempt up a fish trying to get one last meal in before retreating to deeper and warmer waters. Seagulls were all perched on top of the bridge, no sign of sand eels up here, but it made me think about March and April, when the migratory fish move in, males chasing females, big females chasing shad and herring. Can't wait till next spring.