Wednesday, July 10, 2019

07.10.19 Family Delaware float.......time for a jet boat!

     I'm seeing that I'm losing the camera on my iPhone 6 or 7 as the picture quality lately has been horrible. The girls have been asking "to take the boat on the Delaware" so when I hear that I'm like "Let's go".

     Well the Delaware between Lambertville and Trenton isn't like the Upper Delaware. If you know the Upper D this stretch is more like Long Flats or Lake Lenore. Long, I mean long lake-like conditions with not much moving water.

So you know what that means.......lots of rowing. 

     The 90 plus degree air temps without wind didn't help reduce the sweat production and myocardial cell damage either. We probably did a 9-10 mile float, stopped for some cool sight seeing, had a nice lunch, took a few casts, and took a dip in the water. Most of the day we didn't see another person on the water but when we did they had horsepower on their side. Pontoon boats, bass boats with jet drive engines, jet skis, all having fun using horsepower and not manpower. 

I see one of these, or something like it in my future.