Saturday, July 6, 2019

07.05.19 Surprise!!!!

     So you know I've been a fan of tandem flies in the salt for a little while now. Spin guys always seem to do well with the teaser set-up so why not for the fly rodder. I didn't invent this idea but am putting it to good use, even when fishing crab flies.

     This morning it was a late start getting wet at 530 am but the extra hours sleep feels real good. I was happy to feel the E breeze in my face and with the incoming I was hoping to find some bass moving in to chew with the fluke. Well, that didn't happen, at least for me. Had the hi-lo set up

working and with the 300 gr line I caught more mussel clumps today then anything else. I didn't find a few short fluke and got a couple of nibbles from the beach. I jumped up and the rocks thinking my keeper fluke was in deeper water just along the groin. On one cast I casted out stripped and bam is was gone. It was a weird kind of run and I thought it might have been a bluefish. When it got to the rocks I saw it was a Spanish mackerel that had taken the trailing small albie fly. Again, luckily I had a knife to bleed it out and a extra cool cooler in the truck for the ride home.

     With Leif in my sights I started to work my way up the beach and right in front of me a used Gulp! washed up to my feet. That was a sign from the fluke Gods I thought. I hooked it into the smaller fly and, after nearly taking my ear off on the cast, let it swim to find a 25 inch plus fluke. Well it never happened, but it was fun thinking it might.

Board exam on Monday at 0830 means no fishing this weekend......I HAVE to get this done!!!!