Sunday, July 7, 2019

07.06.19 That was a cool surprise.....

     Took a much needed break from studying to attend Joe and Suzanne's July 4th party. I asked what to bring and he said some beer so when I got to Red Bank I stopped at the liquor store and tried to make a good choice. Nowadays there are more beers than one could ever know and new ones pop up everyday. After a 30 year career of light beer, Miller Lite to Coors Lite to Michelob Ultra, last year I couldn't take the taste anymore and settled in on real beer. It was no looking back once Theresa and I landed in Ireland.

     So with a Dogfish in one hand and Blue Point in the other I started for the check-out. Then I saw a seasonal beer section and, wow, Striped Bass! It wouldn't have mattered if it tasted like dog piss it was going to the party since there would be a Buch of fishy people there. In the end I probably drank a six pack of them, mostly due to a anti-Trump political chat I got into, and would definitely buy them again.

    Striped Bass is made by the Devil's Backbone brewing company from Virginia. If you go to their website you can search where its available near you.