Monday, November 19, 2018

11.19.18 Dead from the beach this morning....

     Most days when the wind is west and the ocean calm I find it uninviting, especially if its a high bright sun. Today would have been more my liking. Fog, some overcast skies, and a flat ocean where, especially with sand eels, you can see the bass slurping or swirling under the birds. 


     Hit the Hook and found birds working over the ebb tide bar. No signs of fish under them.Talked to a guy who was fishing on hour three and threw the bag and didn't get a tap. I stayed for about an hour and did the same....nothing. 

     Made the move to Monmouth Beach and found the same water conditions only less birds and more fog. Boats were off aways and seemed to be anchored up fishing the bottoms for tog. Somewhere there has to be a bite. I did find an overturned center console in from of the old Coast Guard Station and called it into to 911. I hope the operators are safe and sound. 

     Today I used a Pulse Disc in front of a sand eel fly and didn't get any interest although one birds seem entranced by the action. Only three guys fishing and I'm really unsure what the next week will bring. Might be on the boat tomorrow depending on last minute progress on some schoolwork due tonight at 11pm. Hope someone is getting them.......wait check this out.

     I figured I would go online and chase reports just to see who if anyone is catching. The Capture fleet from Long Island is still on and literally killing them. Yesterday they report 187, 191, and 29- that's 407 bass. This morning was 225 stripers to 22 pounds. Wonder why we aren't seeing any fish?