Sunday, November 18, 2018

11.17.18 She's really warming up....

     Two days post blow with a west wind that sat the surf down, problem is it continues to be now Yoo-Hoo colored. Went down to Long Branch before clinical. No signs of life except for a ton off boats out and off of Asbury or Manasquan. A check of the boat reports tell of lots of miles traveled and few fish found. 

     I found the below on Facebook and it made me laugh. Thought I would share. 

     This weekend was the International Fly Tying being held for the first time in Parsippany where 80 and 287 meet. Clinical on Saturday and CCD on Sunday and Parsippany is just too far for a quick run. It runs through Sunday afternoon so if you are just just getting into this then its a must go. I hope it is well attended and my buddies have a good show $$$$.