Sunday, November 4, 2018

11.04.18 This dampens the season....

    So when you treat a fish with such respect and then see this you wonder if you are even playing the same game. Barbless hooks, fly rod only, catch and release, try and keep them wet when caught most times.....and then this legal harvest of over 250 big fish. One boat, one day, one location. 

How does this species survive. 

    And to add bad news to this mass of fish moving down from New England I am learning that they are on sand eels. The bigger fall sand eels. 4-6 inches. The above pic was set to me from a friend from yesterday. Great for the fly rodder. Bad for the bass.  Boats jigging all day and guys with spinning roads able to cast an Ava 17 a country mile over the bar. Starting to feel like 2011 in my blood.....when the bait and bass camped off IBSP for the month of November. Ut oh.