Tuesday, June 14, 2016

06.14.16 Nice sight fishing shots at nice fish......

     Things got better wether wise, at least for a few hours, and I tried to make the best of it. Jumped out on the flats and quickly found fish as the sun was up and the wind not to bad. Hooked a nice fish, one in a pair, that came and took a crab fly danced along the bottom. Had a good hook set, but I watched as the fish did a few head shakes and throw the barbless hook. Soon the wind picked up and it was over as far as sight fishing. As I walked along the bar the dredger showed up and pumped sand along the pipe out onto the beach, I thought I left this at home. "Public Point" as it is known is getting gnawed away each day.
     In the evening we hit Lobsterville and found textbook conditions. West wind, nice sunset, only thing that was missing was bait and big predator fish. I landed three small bass and a hickory shad, and Joe (above) got bit off by a bluefish. We left at dark and look to fish in high bright sun with no wind tomorrow.